Plateforme intégrée de mobilité hydrogène

Hype accelerates the roll-out of its green hydrogen distribution network by making one of the biggest firm orders for equipment from its partners HRS and McPhy

Paris, 4 July 2022

Distribution and use, with taxis as its first market, today announced that it has submitted new orders to its partners HRS and McPhy to accelerate the roll-out of its network, which will have 7 operational hydrogen stations by the end of 2022 – early 2023, together with the corresponding capacity for local production of green hydrogen by 2023.

In more detail, Hype’s orders are as follows: 

▪ HRS: 5 new stations, each with a daily hydrogen output capacity of 1 tonne. To help meet Hype’s objective to have an operational network of 7 hydrogen distribution stations by end of 2022 – early 2023, these 5 stations and the 1 tonne/day station ordered in April will initially be 200kg/day stations and will then be upgraded to 1 tonne/day as the required equipment becomes available over the course of 2023.

▪ McPhy: a new 800kg/day Dual Pressure station and a 2 to 4 MW electrolyser, enabling local production of the corresponding quantities of green hydrogen from 2023

These orders build on those made in April 2022 for an 800kg/day station and a 2MW electrolyser from McPhy, and 2 stations from HRS, one of 1 tonne/day and one of 200kg/day; the latter will equip the Issyles-Moulineaux station developed by Hype in partnership with REI Groupe -IntHy, on which construction began on June 27th and which will be operational from the beginning of October 2022.

These orders form part of the strategic partnerships established between Hype and McPhy and HRS announced at the end of 2021 (see press release). They will be complemented over the coming months, subject to confirmation of specific subsidies requested in 2021, by a minimum of 4 additional 800kg/day stations from McPhy and one 200 kg/day station from HRS.
With these orders, Hype has confirmed its target of opening at least 26 public stations in the Paris region by the end of 2024 using green hydrogen produced locally (including 20 high-capacity 1 tonne/day stations) and expanding into 15 other regions in France and internationally, creating a network of at least 100 stations

“These orders, placed with our two partners who are leaders in the French hydrogen industry, stand out for
their size and illustrate our strategy of accelerating through a rapid roll-out of series of stations, in order to
achieve, in the very short term, the first green hydrogen distribution network at scale. With this grouped

order, one of the biggest in the market, and by building on the experience gained over recent years in the
development of small and large capacity stations, from early 2023 we will have in the Paris region a regional
network offering mobility professionals — taxi services but also last-mile logistics providers, road freight
services, and public services such as buses or waste trucks — the opportunity to move to zero emission
without delay,
” noted Mathieu Gardies, Hype’s founder and President

As the developer and operator of the largest hydrogen-powered taxi fleet in the world, Hype is also stepping up its efforts in the field of hydrogen mobility with the acquisition of the first zero-emission taxi adapted for transporting passengers with reduced mobility, along with two hydrogen-powered light-duty vehicles, to be used by the operations management teams for Hype’s stations from late summer 2022.

“In keeping with its role as a catalyst in the hydrogen sector, Hype’s goal is to encourage and build industrial partnerships and co-development approaches, particularly between the new independent players in the industry, who, through their agility, their determination to develop solutions rapidly and their strong regional links, are driving the sector forward.” added Mathieu Gardies “

We are pleased with this new order as part of our partnership with Hype. It illustrates the ability of French hydrogen players to build together a French hydrogen ecosystem to capitalize on the potential of this energy source. As a manufacturer of electrolysers and stations, we are convinced that green hydrogen will have a key role in achieving carbon-free mobility.” commented Jean-Baptiste Lucas, CEO of McPhy 

“The rapid development of programmes led by ambitious players such as Hype demonstrates the dynamics of the energy transition across our regions, where the emergence of 100% hydrogen ecosystems is being encouraged. We at HRS are very proud to participate in the development of the largest French network of large capacity hydrogen stations.“ added Hassen Rachedi, Founder and CEO of HRS

About Hype

Launched in 2015 by Mathieu Gardies at COP 21 in Paris, Hype responds to the public health emergency of air and noise pollution in urban areas by developing the first hydrogen mobility platform integrating production, distribution and use, with taxis as the first market. 

Hype, which has operated the world’s largest fleet of hydrogen-powered taxis for the past six years, is now focused on driving the rapid and massive transition to zero-emission on-demand transportation and other professional uses. 

Leveraging its speed of execution, agility and scalable model to facilitate the use of zero-emission mobility solutions by as many drivers and customers as possible in the short term, Hype plans to deploy its platform in Paris and 15 other cities in France and other countries by late 2024. For more information: www.hype.taxi