pioneer of hydrogen mobility


In 2009, Mathieu Gardies created STEP [Société du Taxi Électrique Parisien], the aim was to provide a zero-emission solution for essential fleets, such as taxis, and address the urgent need to drastically reduce air and noise pollution in urban areas.

Initially, the project was developed within a technological framework based on battery electric motorisation and rapid recharging (the only zero-emission solution available at the time), but without achieving conclusive results due to several limitations, including technical ones.

In 2014, the project shifted to hydrogen when Asian manufacturers launched the first hydrogen-powered electric vehicles on the market. A solution adapted to intensive and random mobility, rapidly and massively deployable.

In 2015, in the context of COP 21, Mathieu Gardies launched Hype with a first fleet of five hydrogen-powered taxis and a first station located at Place de l’Alma, in Paris.

Scaling up

For the past 7 years, Hype has directly operated the largest fleet of hydrogen taxis in the world and has forged financial, technological and industrial partnerships across its entire value chain (sourcing, distribution and uses) in order to accelerate the development of its integrated hydrogen mobility platform.

By 2023, in the Paris region, Hype will have deployed 7 new stations and a fleet of 700 hydrogen taxis. Its hydrogen mobility platform will gradually open up to independent drivers and integrate new uses such as logistics.

Hype’s objective is to deploy by the end of 2025, in the Paris region, a distribution network of 26 stations open to all, fuelled by locally produced green hydrogen (including at least 20 large capacity, each producing locally ~1 ton/day) capable of powering 10,000 vehicles for taxi use. At the same time, Hype will establish its ecosystem in 15 new regions in France and abroad.

To support its rapid development, Hype relies on industrial partnerships with leading players in each of the technological bricks. Hype has notably forged partnerships with HRS and McPhy, two leaders in the French hydrogen industry specialised in the production of electrolysers and hydrogen stations. Hype has also entered into a partnership with Akuo, a French independent producer of renewable energy. Hype is developing new uses, in particular last mile logistics, in partnership with Ecolotrans.


Hype develops a scalable business model in two stages, enabling its rapid deployment in France and internationally


Since the company’s creation, all Hype taxi drivers have been salaried (permanent contracts) and have a stake in the project’s success via stock options. They benefit from health insurance, a transportation pass 100% reimbursed, innovative work tools and a dedicated support team.
The vehicles and stations are managed by Hype itself or with partners. The objective is to integrate, gain experience and de-risk the hydrogen ecosystem (vehicles and stations) to accelerate the transition to scale and reduce costs.



From 2023, Hype will offer its mobility services to all taxi operators, including independent drivers, so that they can shift from a combustion engine to zero-emission without any additional cost.
In this context, Hype will offer zero-emission mobility packages adapted to each individual's status, including a hydrogen vehicle, access to its network of stations and a mobile application to connect with customers.
By choosing a non-polluting solution at the same cost, customers will drive the sector's massive and rapid transition to this new zero-emission solution.