Pioneer of zero emission mobility

Launched in Paris in 2015, during COP21, in order to respond to public health challenges in urban area, Hype develops and operates the first integrated zero-emission mobility platform.

  • Hype deploys its green hydrogen production and distribution network, open to everyone
  • While directly exploiting a first immediately relevant market, the urban taxi, in which Hype is already one of the major players and offers a non-polluting service without any additional cost
  • Allowing us to accelerate the scale-up of other mobility solutions towards zero-emission
Mathieu Gardies

In 2009, Mathieu Gardies created the STEP [Société du Taxi Électrique Parisien], subsequently renamed Hype, to provide a zero-emission solution to essential fleets in urban areas, such as taxis, and thus respond to the public health emergency that constitute air and noise pollution.

The project first developed around battery-electric motorization and rapid charging (the only zero-emission solution then available), without achieving conclusive results due to a certain number of limitations, notably functional and technical.

In 2014, the project took another way when Asian manufacturers put the first hydrogen-powered electric vehicles on the market, a solution adapted to intensive and random mobility, quickly and massively deployable. Air Liquide entered the company’s capital in 2015 as a minority shareholder, and will be followed by Banque des Territoires in 2017 and Kouros in 2019.

In December 2015, on the occasion of COP 21, Hype launched the first five electric hydrogen taxis with the first hydrogen distribution station located Place de l’Alma, in Paris.

In 2017, Hype creates a subsidiary, HysetCo, in order to support the first step of its development in Ile-de-France, for taxi licenses acquisition and first hydrogen stations deployment. Air Liquide, Toyota and Kouros invests in HysetCo in 2018 and 2019, followed by TotalEnergies in 2021. En 2022, Hype and HysetCo organize their shareholder split : Hype leaves HysetCo capital and Air Liquide and Kouros leave Hype capital, which Mathieu Gardies remains the major shareholder.


Hype, which operates the largest fleet of hydrogen taxis in the world since 2015, is now accelerating its deployment by relying on its ability to generate usage by switching taxi customers to non-polluting solutions.


  • Deployment of more than 700 taxis in Ile-de-France area (salaried drives and independent)
  • Launch of a minimum of 10 green hydrogen stations, open to everyone
  • Diversification towards new mobility uses (buses, coaches, last mile delivery, garbage dumpsters, etc.)
  • Deployment of Hype in 2 new areas, after Le Mans in 2023 : Bruxelles and Bordeaux


In Paris and the Ile-de-France region
Commissioning of 26 stations accessible to the public (including at least 20 high capacity stations, 1 t/day each) supplied with locally produced green hydrogen, capable of supplying up to 10,000 taxis and other uses

In France (excluding Ile-de-France) and internationally
Commissioning of at least 19 stations & 3 electrolyzers deployed in the first 7 selected cities: Brussels, Le Mans, Bordeaux, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Porto Establishment in 15 regions in France and internationally

Hype, a french entrepreneurial project, supported by leading private and public actors

Since its creation, Hype has continuously built financial, technological and industrial partnerships across its entire value chain (supply, production and distribution of green hydrogen, mobility uses, including the taxi booking digital platform), with the aim of speeding-up the development of its integrated zero-emission mobility platform.

Our industrial and financial partners

Long term investor serving economic development of France

World leader in concession, energy and construction

French leader of hydrogen distribution equipments

French leader of hydrogen production adn distribution equipments

French producer of renewable energy

Hype model allows to quickly scale-up zero-emission solutions, while continuously proposing tailor-made services et innovating

Hype is an engaged civic company, made with junior, senior, women and men from different backgrounds.

Since its creation, Hype has developed a balanced and responsible employment offer for drivers

Hype salaried drivers have permanent contracts and are involved in the success of the project through a BSPCE plan, they benefit from an insurance, 100% refunded Navigo and Velib pass, innovative work tools and a dedicated assistance team. Some of them are part of the management team.

Hype now allows independent drivers to join its platform​

Hype offers zero-emission mobility packages, adapted to each person’s status, including: access to its mobile application for connecting with customers, the hydrogen vehicle and access to its network of stations. These packages have no additional cost compared to a thermal vehicle.

Hype's goal is to empower all drivers to switch to a non-polluting solution now, and drive the industry's massive and rapid transition to zero emissions

In order to continue to innovate and respond more effectively to the specific needs of its customers, particularly people with reduced mobility, and to maintain over the long term the cohesion and spirit that drive the company, Hype will keep a base at the heart of the project significant number of employed drivers, many of whom will have been involved since the start of the project.