JULY 04TH, 2024

Hype launches, with the support of Paris 2024, #2024jeBASCULE to encourage the adoption of non-polluting taxis by the gaming ecosystem

Hype launches, with the support of Paris 2024, the #2024jeBASCULE, initiative, intended to switch taxi customers to Crit’Air 0 solutions as well as drivers

Paris 2024 will promote Hype’s non-polluting taxi solutions to all of its accredited stakeholders – federations, partners, etc

This initiative launched by Hype aims to support the transformation of an entire sector towards 100% electric solutions

HYVIAxHYPE - partenariat - zero émission

JUNE 12TH, 2024

Hyvia and Hype announce partnership to accelerate decarbonized hydrogen mobility

HYVIA, a joint-venture between Renault Group and Plug dedicated to hydrogen mobility, and HYPE, an independent pure player in zero-emission mobility and a pioneer in hydrogen taxis, have announced a partnership to accelerate decarbonized hydrogen mobility.
This partnership covers the entire ecosystem of H2 mobility: the supply of decarbonized hydrogen, H2 refueling stations and hydrogen vehicles.
This partnership was made possible by the complementary nature of the solutions currently offered by the two partners.

MAY 14TH, 2024

Hype launches its zero-emission premium taxi service and speeds up "the switch" of parisian taxis to zero-emission

Hype, exclusive taxi partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, acquires Lounge, a booking platform dedicated to premium taxis founded by Serge Metz, former CEO of Taxis G7, and which already has over 200 affiliated drivers
By now providing the full range of taxi services, Hype is achieving its goal: enabling every client and taxi driver in the Paris region to switch to a zero-emission solution, at no additional cost
On this occasion, Hype also strengthens its teams and technological integration

APRIL 17TH, 2024

Hype deploys its zero-emission taxi service in Brussels

Hype, which directly operates the largest fleet of hydrogen taxis in the world, while deploying its own green hydrogen production and distribution network, open to all, has chosen Brussels to launch its zero-emission taxi service for the first time. times outside France.
The arrival of Hype in Brussels is the result of several years of preparation, in particular with local taxi players, to fully understand the needs of drivers, and is part of the deployment of Hype which will include 16 metropolises/ regions by the end of 2026.


MARCH 13TH, 2024

Hype and EIFHYTEC join forces to achieve a major breakthrough in the field of hydrogen compression by testing a very high pressure non-mechanical compressor

The two leading companies in their respective fields are joining their expertise to improve the efficiency, reliability and costs of hydrogen compression through the large-scale deployment of this disruptive technology. By removing this major technological barrier in the hydrogen value chain, Hype and EIFHYTEC will accelerate the deployment of this energy vector essential to the development of carbon-free mobility.

MARS 1ST, 2024

Hype announces the launch of HYGHER project, on high-pressure hydrogen distribution, winner of “Demonstration of high-pressure (500-700 bar) supply chain” competition organised by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership

The HYGHER project will demonstrate the feasibility of an innovative, cost-effective, and reliable high-pressure value chain to transport hydrogen from production sites to refuelling stations.
Led by a European consortium of private and public companies with unique and complementary hydrogen expertise, this project has been awarded a €5 million grant by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership.


JANUARY 29TH, 2024

Hype, Official Taxi Supporter of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games to curb pollution associated with on-demand transportation related to the Games

Paris 2024 integrates Hype’s ‘’Crit’Air 01‘’ taxi service at the heart of its ecosystem, in order to incorporate and promote more sustainable on-demand transportation solutions before, during, and after the Games.
For the past 8 years, Hype has been paving the way, enabling its customers to travel without polluting, and has continuously innovated, notably by launching in 2022 the first ‘’Crit’Air 0’’ taxi service adapted for the transport of People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) to support Paris 2024.

JULY 20TH, 2023

Symbio and Hype signs a partnership to accelerate the deployment of the first fleet of hydrogen taxis (Crit’Air 0) for people with reduced mobility

Symbio, European leader in the field of fuel cell systems, and innovation partner of the pioneers of hydrogen mobility, and Hype, an independent pure player in hydrogen mobility, today announce that they have entered into a partnership to support the rapid deployment of the first fleet in the world of hydrogen taxis (Crit’Air 0), adapted to the transport of people with reduced mobility (PRM).

Réseau Francilien Hype

JULYU 6TH, 2023

Hype reveals the map of the next 8 stations in its Ile-de-France green hydrogen network which will be deployed before mid-2024, and the associated partners

Hype, an independent pure player in hydrogen mobility, will deploy in Ile-de-France, by the end of the second quarter of 2024, 8 new green hydrogen distribution and production stations, open to all. To support this deployment, Hype is forming 7 new partnerships associated with the implementation of these stations, in order to diversify and accelerate the very short-term development of hydrogen mobility uses.

JUNE 27TH, 2023

APF France handicap and Hype are bringing their forces together to deploy Crit’Air 0 taxis services adapted for Persons with Reduced Mobility.

APF France handicap, national association for the defense and representation of people with disabilities and their families and Hype, pioneer of zero-emission hydrogen mobility, sign a memorandum of understanding aimed in the very short term, at accelerating the deployment to the good scale of zero-emission PMR taxi services (Crit’Air 0), and over time, to gradually improve mobility services for People with Reduced Mobility.

JUNE 14TH, 2023

Hype and Enhywhere sign a strategic partnership to secure and accelerate the deployment of hydrogen mobility

At the VivaTech trade show, Hype, an independent pure player and pioneer in hydrogen mobility, announces with Enhywhere, an industrial start-up in hydrogen equipment and solutions, the order of 2 autonomous Enhywhere stations with integrated electrolyser.

JUNE 5TH, 2023

Stellantis and Hype deploy a first fleet of 50 wheelchair accessible hydrogen taxis in Paris

Stellantis, the world’s first mass-market manufacturer of hydrogen-powered commercial and passenger vehicles, and Hype, an independent pure-player in hydrogen mobility solutions, announce today their partnership for the supply and operation of hydrogen-powered vehicles, the first step being the delivery from 2023 of a first batch of 50 zero emission (Crit’Air 0) PRM taxis in Paris. 


APRIL 21ST, 2023

Hype announces the 7 new regions selected to deploy its integrated hydrogen mobility platform

Hype, an independent pure player in hydrogen mobility solutions, has selected 7 new regions, Le Mans, Bordeaux, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Porto, where the company is going to replicate its proven model tested for more than seven years in the greater Paris area. This model consists of simultaneously deploying its network of green hydrogen refuelling stations and the associated uses, with taxis as the first relevant market.

APRIL 21ST, 2023

Hype chooses Le Mans as the first region to deploy its integrated hydrogen mobility platform outside the greater Paris area

Hype, an independent pure player in hydrogen mobility, is currently deploying, in partnership with Le Mans Metropole, its 1st hydrogen refuelling station in Le Mans which will be in service by June 2023.

This dual-pressure station (350 and 700 bars), with a refuelling capacity of 200 kg per day, is provided by HRS and will initially be supplied with green hydrogen produced by Lhyfe. It is accessible to all and located on a plot of land belonging to Le Mans Metropole, close to the Actisud site.

APRIL 3RD, 2023

Issy-les-Moulineaux’s first hydrogen refuelling station, developed by Hype and IntHy, opens its doors to the public

Officially opened on April 1 st , this station is the first concrete step in Issy-les-Moulineaux’s commitment to developing hydrogen applications for the mobility and residential sectors, to fight air pollution and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Located in the Arches district, this first station will be able to distribute up to 200kg of green hydrogen per day, which is equivalent to 40 light passenger vehicle tanks per day. This station, with two delivery pressures available, 350 and 700 bar, will be suitable for all types of vehicles: taxis, commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, waste collection vehicles, etc.


Hype awarded two new grants to accelerate the deployment of its network of 26 renewable hydrogen production and refuelling stations in the Greater Paris area by 2025

Hype, an independent and entrepreneurial pure player in hydrogen mobility solutions, launched in 2009 by Mathieu Gardies, has secured two new grants from the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME) and European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) following competitive call for proposals. These grants will enable Hype to accelerate the deployment of its renewable hydrogen supply and hydrogen refuelling station network across the Greater Paris area that is open to all types of hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

JANUARY 23TH, 2023

VINCI Concessions and Hype form a strategic partnership to accelerate hydrogen mobility

VINCI Concessions, a global player in transport infrastructure development and management, has announced the completion of a €15 million investment in Hype, the developer behind France’s first integrated hydrogen mobility platform and an operator of a large hydrogen taxi fleet. Alongside this investment, VINCI Concessions and Hype have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen mobility infrastructure in France and around the world.