23 January 2023

VINCI Concessions and Hype form a strategic partnership to accelerate hydrogen mobility

VINCI Concessions, a global player in transport infrastructure development and management, has announced the completion of a €15 million investment in Hype, the developer behind France’s first integrated hydrogen mobility platform and an operator of a large hydrogen taxi fleet. Alongside this investment, VINCI Concessions and Hype have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen mobility infrastructure in France and around the world.


04 juLY 2022

Hype accelerates the roll-out of its green hydrogen distribution network by making one of the biggest firm orders for equipment from its partners HRS and McPhy

Hype, which is developing and operating the first hydrogen mobility platform to integrate production, distribution and use, with taxis as its first market, today announced that it has submitted new orders to its partners HRS and McPhy to accelerate the roll-out of its network, which will have 7 operational hydrogen stations by the end of 2022 – early 2023, together with the corresponding capacity for local production of green hydrogen by 2023.

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january 10, 2022

Hype and Ecolotrans join forces to accelerate the transition of logistics transport to hydrogen

Two entrepreneurs, Hype, a pioneer in hydrogen mobility launched by Mathieu Gardies in 2015, and Ecolotrans, a forerunner in ecological urban logistics, launched by Yacine Kara in 2005, are joining forces to accelerate the transition of logistics fleets to zero-emission mobility with use of hydrogen, in Paris and in several other French cities.

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january 10, 2022

Hype partners with Akuo to deploy vehicle fleets and a network of green hydrogen stations for logistics professionals in the Paris region

 Given the public health emergency of air and noise pollution and the challenges of decarbonising transport, Hype, a pioneer in hydrogen mobility founded by Mathieu Gardies in 2015, and Akuo, an independent French producer of renewable energy, co-founded by Éric Scotto and Patrice Lucas in 2007, are combining their initiatives in the Paris region with the Last Mile and H24byHype projects.

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december 14, 2021

Hype raises €20 million in strategic industrial partnerships with HRS and McPhy

Hype accelerates its development by capitalizing on these industrial partnerships with two leaders in the French and European hydrogen industry

By Joanna Sampson
on Nov 04, 2021

A catalyst for change : How Parisian taxi firm Hype is creating supply and demand to build the hydrogen economy

Hydrogen mobility pioneer Hype is building what it says will be the world’s biggest hydrogen station in Paris that will refuel passenger cars, buses, trucks and even boats – and CEO and founder Mathieu Gardies told H2 View there are plans afoot to expand Hype outside of Paris into other European cities.